As Salidans, we love our community. We love the lifestyle, character, and sense of place that makes Salida Salida. This place is special. But our town is growing and changing. If we want to manage our growth and change in a way that preserves our character, creates more opportunity, and strengthens the community we love, we need to think ahead.

That’s what Future 50 is all about. 

As a community, we’re creating a forward-looking vision for Highway 50 / Rainbow Boulevard. This corridor is an important part of our city. It connects us to the rest of the region and state. It’s the gateway to our community, and home to many thriving local businesses. It’s a place that has its own distinct feel. It’s also the most likely area in Salida to accommodate growth and development over time. Future 50 is about shaping that change so we keep Salida great today, and ready ourselves for tomorrow.

Rainbow Boulevard is already changing. If we want to shape that growth as a community, the time to act is now.

This is our opportunity to shape the future of the Highway 50 corridor.
What do we want it to look like?

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