April 2019 - Project Update

Future 50 kicked off in the summer of 2018 with the intention of developing a community-fueled vision for the future of Highway 50. Since then, the community has been hard at work providing input, feedback, and contributing to that vision in a variety of ways. After months of meetings, workshops, and engagement activities, the work has resulted in a list of projects and preliminary ideas that can be used to make the Highway 50 corridor a safer, more vibrant and economically prosperous street. Over the course of the winter, Future 50 has been working with Highway 50 business owners, property owners, and other key stakeholders to help further develop, vet, and refine these projects and ideas.

This process is still going on. The following pages were developed to explain some of the big ideas and projects that have emerged from the project so far. These are not recommendations or final presentations, but rather a a snapshot of what each idea is looking like at the moment. They were developed to help further the conversation and get more detailed feedback about the ideas and details behind each project.

This document is meant to provide the community with information on the current details of each idea as they sit today—and we want to hear from you. What do you think of these ideas? What details are we getting right so far? What are we getting wrong? What’s missing?

Read or download the project update online below, and leave your input or feedback in the form at the bottom.

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